The SPIW aims to bring students in preparatory classes to put themselves in a position of responsibility like researchers or engineers. This is an initiation and training in the scientific research process which should lead them to ask questions before attempting to answer them and to seek compromises as engineers, researchers and scientists usually do.
          The convergence of scientific and technological research work leads to the development of objects of thought and real objects, which participate in the permanent process of construction - from knowledge to design, even to realization.
          The student's work must be centred on a real scientific approach carried out in a concrete way. The analysis of real facts, processes, etc., must make it possible to identify a problem in explicit relation to the proposed theme.
The search for explanations includes an investigation using tools and methods that are generally used in scientific research work:
  • Observation,
  • Practical realization of experiments, modelling,
  • Formulation of hypotheses,
  • Simulations,
  • Validation or invalidation of model by comparison with reality, etc.
          This must lead the student to develop his or her ability to use the skills acquired in one or more subjects in a coordinated manner.